About Kate

Kate Kerr


Well hello there. Thanks so much for taking time to meet me. 

I am Kate, and I guess I will fill you in a little about me and my business. Apart from sunsets and sentimental photographs, I love so many things.. I love family and time with them is precious. I love kids, I also love all things old... humans, dogs, trees, and man do I love old houses, furniture, music and family heirlooms. I think this is why I have a passion for capturing it all. I love having and seeing history for my family and I want our future to have the same thing from the big events to everyday moments. 

These are a few of my favorite things...

Music - Ella Fitzgerald Love cleaning my house to her music, it always makes me feel like I am getting ready for a little dinner party although I have never officially had a dinner party.

Food and Drink - Coffee / water, and probably my moms italian or veggies on the grill.  Lately obsessed with roasted brussel sprouts.

Movie - Anything Nancy Meyers. Its Complicated, The Holiday, Somethings Gotta Give ... you get the picture.